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Welcome to the Jinzhou City Success Quartz Glass Factory official website!cara@successquartz.com

Welcome to the Jinzhou City Success Quartz Glass Factory official website! cara@successquartz.com

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Product details

Product Description

1.High purity Quartz crystal >99.99%

2.Clear, powerful, strong and long sound

3.Available size from 6” to 24”

4.All the tunes CDEFGAB, C#,D#,F#,G#,A#


About Crystal Singing Bowl:

The Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl is produced by High Purity quartz crystal >99.99%.And it is integrated molding in a vacuum and clean environment .

Therefore, it produces crisp and bright resonance tone.The voice sound soft, longer, more powerful. So often listen to the voice of the Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl can relieve anxiety, promote physical and menta harmony.It also can eliminate body pain by opening up the chakra. At the same time, the Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl appearance is elegant, simple and solemn, it is a very high grade decoration at home.


About us:

We are a professional manufacturer of various kinds of Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls.Our factory has over 20 years experience in this field. The quality of products is like our life. Our factory own perfect quality inspection system. We use first-class production equipment and we set up digital management . These advanced technologies make the process more reasonable. We have achieved measurement and inspection after sales standardization. We will be high-quality product image, excellent service image, beautiful environment image, excellent staff image, to provide you satisfactory products.

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