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Welcome to the Jinzhou City Success Quartz Glass Factory official website!cara@successquartz.com

Welcome to the Jinzhou City Success Quartz Glass Factory official website! cara@successquartz.com

Classification and Use of Quartz Glass Tube


Quartz glass tube include: transparent quartz tube, opal quartz tube, quartz rod, quartz sleeve, quartz plate, quartz instrument, various quartz bend, spherical quartz tube, shaped quartz tube, and various colored quartz tube.


Transparent quartz tub SiO2 is more than 99.9%, geometric size, chemical stability, thermal stability, excellent heat resistance and crystallization resistance, optical transmittance of 93% or more; dehydroxyl hydroxyl group below 10ppm, after vacuum removal Hydroxyl, hydroxyl group up to 5ppm, suitable for low-hydroxy products such as high-pressure mercury lamps, sodium lamps, metal halide lamps.


The opaque tube is mainly used for the manufacture of heating tube, heating tube and far infrared tube; the pearlescent tube has a new technology, the tube surface is like the surface of the pearl, the performance is better than the ordinary milk white tube, and the ultraviolet filter can filter the ultraviolet spectrum band. The ultraviolet county with a wavelength of 190-320 nm which is harmful to the human body is suitable for the manufacture of environmentally friendly light sources.


Quartz casing diameter range is 8-120mm, with single opening, double opening, round head, flat head and other shapes and flaring, shrinking, flanging, matte and other processing, with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, light transmission It is widely used in the manufacture of aquarium thermostats, disinfection equipment, heating pipes, water treatment, gold lamps and other environmental protection, sanitation, chemical and other fields.