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Quartz Crucible for Fire Bowl

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Quartz crucible has the advantages of high purity, high temperature resistance, high dimensional accuracy, good heat preservation, energy saving, stable quality, etc., and its application is more and more extensive. The inspection of quartz crucibles is a very important part, and the detection of quartz crucibles is developing towards the field inspection direction!

We have excellent technology development capabilities, the high purity fused quartz crucibles for the solar grade mono-crystalline silicon application. We can also produce special types according to client's technical drawing.

Advantage of Quartz crucible for melting:

1. High purity,Sio2>99.99%

2. Resistance high temperature and corrosion

3. Used for industry,laboratory

4. Electrical arc crucible 8"-24", used for Pull monocrystalline silicon

5. Small size, used for laboratory and other industry

6. It is apply to semiconductor and solar energy

Application of Quartz crucible for melting:

1. Chemical Industries

2. Electric Light Source

3. Laboratories

4. Medical equipment

5. Metallurgy 

6. Optical

7. Photovoltaic

8. Photo communications

9. Research

10. Schools

11. Semiconductor

12. Solar


1. Purity

 SiO2 content is more than 99.99%

 2. Temperature

 Softening point temperature is about 1730 degrees Celsius ,

1100 degrees Celsius in a long time used ,short-time maximum use temperature is up to 1450 degrees Celsius

 3. Anti-corrosion

 Quartz glass is acidic materials, except hydrofluoric acid 

and 300 degrees Celsius thermal phosphoric acid, 

on any other acids were shown to be inert, is the best anti

 acid materials. At room temperature, alkali and 

salt on quartz glass corrosion degree is minimal

 4. Transmittance good performance

  Compare to ordinary silicate glass, transparent quartz glass

 in the whole wavelength head excellent permeability.

 In the infrared spectrum through than ordinary glass; in the

 visible region, quartz glass transmittance is relatively

 high ,above 85-90%. In the UV spectral region especially in the ultraviolet

 region, the spectral transmission is much better than other

 glass,about 80%

 5. Good electrical insulation pro