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Properties of Quartz Glass Tube:

Properties of Quartz Glass Tube:

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2019/10/29 11:30
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Quartz glass tube is produced by Sio2, the purity >99.99%, it has special properties,such as:

1. Resistance high temperature, soften temperature is 1730℃, it can be used for a long time under 1100℃, and can be used short time under 1450℃.

2. Resistance corrosion, Quartz glass hardly react with other acids except hydrofluoric acid.

3. Good thermal stability, from 100℃ to 20℃ three times,no cracks.

4. Good performance of transmittance,visible light >93%, uv light>80%

5. Insulate, quartz glass is a good insulate material.


Quartz glass tube widely used for semi-conductor, light source, industry, test tube, lamp tube, diffusion tube, protective tube, laboratory instrument etc.

General size:

Outer diameter: 0.5mm-450mm

Thickness:  0.1mm-10mm

Length: can be made according to customer’s request

Customize Size:

We can produce different shape and different sizes according the customer’s demand.

We can do the deep process, cut, fire end, bend, frosted, etc.a

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